Billy And The Chicks

Bespoke branded packaging for the best fried chicken in London.

Businesses from every corner of the food industry come to us for branded packaging. Our setup means we can cater for start-ups and pop-ups as readily as we can large national chains. Our service is tailored to the individual needs of every customer, meaning it can sometimes be easier to show you how we operate using real-life examples.

The work we carried out for London-based fried chicken restaurant Billy and the Chicks is a great example of how we worked with a client with a strong identity and a clear brief to produce some simple yet characterful food-grade branded packaging.



Billy and the Chicks was desperate to take its brand to the next level. Character is a huge part of their identity, and it was important to them that their food packaging communicated this. Nostalgia for old-school fried chicken shops, comfort, and passion headlined the brief. They wanted packaging for their restaurant and their takeaway service. Recently heralded Time Out’s “the best fried chicken in London”, their packaging was in serious need of a branded facelift.


The client was very sure of the values they wanted their packaging to communicate. Our design team mocked up several options for them to consider, based on their brief, their existing brand image, and the way they wanted this to come across through the packaging.The team helped unlock Billy and the Chicks’ brand potential, designing and manufacturing for them some some truly gorgeous and recyclable packaging; something they could be proud to serve their trademark fried chicken in.


“CP Packaging never fails to deliver beautifully manufactured packaging, they have the ability to provide us with exactly what we wanted. It was affordable, it was fast, and it looks great. An excellent organisation to work with.”

A few of our Happy Clients

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