Eco Initiatives

We place a heavy emphasis on sustainability and environmentalism, and take every step to make our products the core of that ethos.

Recycled Materials

All of our paperboard products are made with recycled materials, and we continue to find ways to make them even more eco-friendly and guilt-free for our clients. Additionally, we can do this without compromising any part of your brand.

Compostable and Biodegradable

By putting our products back into the earth after they’ve been used, we can reduce the long lifespan that leads to so much environmental damage. It’s part of our promise to keep your conscience green.

Committed To Nature

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Trees Planted

We are part of Eden Reforestation

To Offer Dignity

In planting trees and encouraging reforestation in developing nations, we provide fair employment and personal agency to those who need it most.

Creating Livelihoods For Millions

Replanting and safeguarding the world’s forests has always been a titanic undertaking. That’s why it’s important to get local communities involved, and lay the groundwork for generations of environmental security.

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