Our Process

Everything you need to know about the CP Packaging process, from placing your order to storage and delivery.

We work with you to produce the bespoke packaging your business needs. The order process is made up of five steps, following your order from its inception to production, storage, and delivery. Our process is optimised for speed, efficiency and simplicity.


Order Placed

Once you have placed an order, we will use your existing artwork to create a digital cutter guide. Alternatively, if you have opted for a design service, it will be given to our design team to mock up options for your approval.



Once Artwork has been approved and signed off , an approximate lead time will be given. Then the order will move to the next phase.



During production, the products are tested at multiple stages to maximise consistency and quality control. Once the final product has been manufactured, it will go through a final testing stage to ensure it is fit for purpose.


Post Production

While goods are being prepared for delivery, they are kept in a hygienic environment, where they will be inserted into printed cartons and despatched.


Dispatch & Delivery

Goods will be delivered directly to the customer, food distributor or third-party storage facility. Alternatively, should you have chosen our storage and distribution services, goods will be delivered to one of our facilities.


Stock Management

If you have opted for our storage and distribution services, we will provide you with detailed stock management. We understand that this can be very time-consuming, which is why we can do it for you and notify you when stock levels are low.

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